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Unknown water leak

We had the metre installed and once there, we were really shocked to find out that we had a leak! They told us the next day and very quickly established where the leak was. It was fixed immediately saving us a fortune! Thank you to Phil and the team!!!

Won’t ever get caught out again

We had two water bills of over €700 in 24 months….. for an unoccupied property. I no longer have this worry. I can monitor usage remotely and also know I will be informed if there is any unusual usage. Great product and nice people to deal with.

Excellent device

Highly recommend this water meter device. The online information provided daily gives me full control over the amount of water used in the previous 24 hours. A must for everyone Villa owner.

Excellent service

I found out about MiAgua after a water Bill of €1500 was debited from my bank account – this was how I found out I had a leak – cost me €98 to fix the leak and no sympathy from the water company – signed up to MiAgua and no issues since – a small …

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Absolute peace of mind!

This is something you should put top of your list for total peace of mind. Without this very affordable service you could end up with a heart stopping water bill of thousands of Euros. Water leaks often go un-noticed for months, that is until you get the bill!! . If its on your property forget …

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Taking control

I have been plagued for years with various water leaks in the garden irrigation network. Now with the MiAgua system, i have the tools to pick up and fix the problems before they become too expensive.

Peace of mind

We’ve had the “mi agua” monitor for almost 2 years and we’ve so far been alerted 3 times about our water usage. The first alert was just after the installation that detected continuous usage hence a water leak. It was on the main line coming into the house. The second alert turned out to be …

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