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Leak location service

We carry out a multi-step process to leak location and repair, using our years of experience . We also have recomended specialist partners in other regions.

The Process

Step 1
We confirm the water meter is still spinning when all known water services are off, and confirm the rate of the usage in litres per hour.
Step 2

Use a process of isolation, and where needed, bypass, to determine which service has the issue. 

Step 3

If the issue is on a specific service, i.e. when isolated the meter stops spinning, then we can investigate that service in more detail. 

Step 4

To investigate the supply lines, we use our knowledge and equipment to determine what is connected and where.

Step 5

Once we have determined where the pipes run, we can determine the most econimical and future proof way to complete the repair.

Steps 1 – 5 have a total cost of €135 (plus iva). At that point we can quote for the work necessary to complete the repair. (If we do not complete the steps necessary to reach step 6, there will be no charge). 

Step 6

Quote to repair and schedule the work, this is normally directly after step 5, on the same day. 

If the work is going to require a report to your insurance company then we will take photos throughout the process and prepare a report for the insurance company.This should be requested before the work commences, and has an additional cost of €45 (plus iva)


To order our service, just complete the form below, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Leak location or repair service form
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